Same-Day Crowns with CEREC®


If you have teeth that are misshapen, cracked, or missing, dental crowns are an ideal way to restore both functionality and beauty to your smile. Crowns cover teeth (or a dental implant in the case of a missing tooth) to help provide strength to teeth and prevent further damage or decay, as well as to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Traditional porcelain crowns typically require two or more appointments, messy impression trays, and many adjustments to get the fit just right. But at Prairie Vista Dental, Dr. Holman uses the revolutionary CEREC® system to create and place crowns in just a single appointment.

How Does CEREC Work?


The CEREC system uses 3D imaging, a computer-aided design process, and an in-office milling unit to create a beautiful restoration while you wait at our Ulysses dental office.

To start, Dr. Holman and his staff use the 3D imaging software to take images of the affected tooth, as well as surrounding teeth to help create a comfortable fit. The images are sent to the design program, where a 3D model of the crown is created.

Once you and Dr. Holman are happy with the look of your restoration, the computer model is sent to our in-office milling machine. After about 20 minutes, your beautiful new ceramic crown is finished and ready for placement. Fitting and bonding is completed in the same office visit, so you won’t need to drive back and forth to multiple appointments. You'll be ready to show off a beautiful new smile in no time!

Benefits of CEREC

The same-day technology of the CEREC system offers many benefits over traditional porcelain crowns, including:

  • 3D imaging, which eliminates the need for messy impression trays, is more accurate, and improves the fit and comfort of crowns
  • Same-day treatment, so no more uncomfortable plastic temporary crowns and no driving back and forth to multiple appointments
  • Biocompatible material that can be adjusted to the exact natural shade of surrounding healthy teeth, creating a natural look

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